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Olivia De Berardinis. Фотография.   
In the history of Pin Up art no one has depicted the female form quite as skillfully as Olivia de Berardinis. Throughout the world, her exquisitely sophisticated, hauntingly sensuous art has securely established her position in our time as the recognized premiere master of Pin-up style erotic art. Having taken over for the likes of Vargas and Petty, her style embodies the true elegance of the feminine form.

Her original paintings have been exhibited in American and European galleries and around the world to great acclaim and with nothing but rave reviews for her boldness and treatment of the feminine ego. Olivia’s artwork of the female form has adorned scores of periodicals worldwide, including Art News and as a regular contributor to Playboy Magazine.

You’ve also seen her art on calendars, book covers, limited edition prints, greeting cards, movie posters, and yes, even in the movies themselves.

To her technical mastery the gifted young painter adds a playful sense of opulence and irony that have created a growing demand among collectors for original “Olivias”.

One reason for Olivia de Berardinis’s immense popularity is the frank appeal her work makes to female fantasies as well.

Born in 1948 in Long Beach, California, Olivia de Berardinis was raised on the eastern seaboard.

She began her paintings of women as a child, using her disarmingly beautiful mother as a model. “I was always amazed at the impact my mother had on men” says the artist. So began her fascination with the feminine mystique.

She moved to New York City in 1968 where she attended the School of Visual Arts. She became a resident of New York City’s Soho district at a time when it was inhabited mostly by serious artists. After a short period of time during which Olivia’s work reflected the trend towards the minimalist art movement of that period, she quickly returned to her paintings of women. Working with the image of women has been Olivia’s primary interest since first painting as a child.

She began to do seductively sensuous illustrations of women for men’s magazines in order to be able to create the type of art that she felt she did best.

It is interesting how greatly Olivia has influenced artists and photographers. It is certain that no one has been able to successfully copy her style. Her tedious technique is exceptional, working in gouache, pastel and gold leafing.

Olivia’s work is ever changing, always new yet wonderfully timeless. Her art is technically superb; her subject matter sexy, seductive and playful. Her current popularity has created a clamoring for her work worldwide. Her technical virtuosity includes works in pencil, gouache, pastel, acrylic, oils and watercolors.

Olivia has earned an important position among artists who share sincere dedication and devotion to one goal: to create art that makes people happy and has a meaning for others beyond the lifetime of the creator.

Residing in Malibu, California, Olivia is currently represented by Robert Bane Editions and the Tamara Bane Gallery on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

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